Acme 1:18 Scale 1969 Ford Mustang BOSS 429 - Job 1 - First 429 Boss Ever Built! A1801859

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Acme 1:18 Scale 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 - Job 1 - First BOSS 429 Ever Built! Job 1, the name given to the first factory production Boss 429 Mustang to traverse the assembly line at one of Ford's skunkworks facilities, had finally made the physical transformation from Mustang Sports Roof to homologation requirement.
With Chrysler and FoMoCo punching and counterpunching on the high ovals, Ford took another stab at aero war supremacy in NASCAR with the introduction of the 429 semi-hemi powerplant. Kar-Kraft owner Nick Hartman had submitted a bid to Ford Motor Company to produce the Boss 429 Mustangs, a necessary tool in order to reach the homologation requirements set by NASCAR. In total, 859 1969 Boss 429 Mustangs would travel down the lines at Kar-Kraft, meeting (and exceeding) the 500-unit threshold NASCAR had implemented.


  • Opening Doors, Trunk and Hood
  • Poseable Steering
  • Plumbed and Wired Engine
  • Fully Detailed Interior
  • Tilting Front Seats
  • Detailed Chassis
  • Serialized Plate
  • Model: A1801859