Acme 1:18 Scale #3 1932 Ford Salt Flat Roadster - Vic Edelbrock A1805021

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The Acme 1:18 Scale 1932 Ford Salt Flat Roadster - Vic Edelbrock Diecast Replica. The Edelbrock ’32 roadster is one of the most recognized cars in all of hot rodding. Vic Edelbrock, Jr. was an American automotive aftermarket performance parts engineer, racer and is considered one of the founders of the American hot rod movement. He had an impact on hot rodding unlike anyone else. His inventiveness, ability to create extraordinary performance from ordinary engines and ingenuity and dedication to engine building earned him a legacy that will last forever.

In 1938, Vic Sr. bought a ’32 Ford and used it to test new speed parts, more or less inventing “the project car.” The first big seller from an Edelbrock project car was the Slingshot manifold. Vic became a consistent winner with his modified roadster at racing speeds of 112 mph. .Vic would drive the Ford to the dry lakes, remove the fenders and the windshield, and then race the car. At the end of the races, he would re-install the fenders and the windshield and drive it home.


  • Opening Doors and Trunk
  • Newly Tooled & Removable Tonneau Cover
  • Newly Tooled Windshield Frame Horns
  • Poseable Steering
  • Plumbed and Wired Engine
  • Fully Detailed Interior
  • Serialized Plate
  • Model: A1805021